Thursday, 12 February 2015

Winter wrap up

Hello again my loves!

Todays post is extremely fun as it's my first fashion post in the longest time. I'm beyond excited to do more of these, i forgot just how fun they are!

Today it was pretty darn cold (as to be expected in the UK in february) so my mission was to wrap up yet still look somewhat presentable.

I've been utterly obsessed with roll necks this winter and this grey roll neck jumper from NewLook (click here to see product) is absolutely perfect for the winter months. My jeans are also from Newlook from a while back, they're slightly boyfriend styled and i absolutely love the ripped look on these bad boys!

The coat is from the Zara sale and i've got a slight obsession with grey clothing at the moment so it was a must that i got this. It was only left in medium so i was toying with whether to get it or not as i didn't want to look like it was swallowing me up but thankfully it isn't too big on me and it just looks like your average oversized winter coat. (or thats what i keep telling myself to make me feel better about it not being in a smaller size).

I didn't think i could love a pair of shoes as much as i do with these boots! They have been featured a lot on my instagram lately (Check out my instagram: Amykm_xx) and these babies are another favourite Zara find (click here to see product). They go with absolutely anything and are the nicest winter shoes I've seen in a while! Zara is completely killing the shoe game lately and i pretty much need every pair right now. My bank account is screaming..oops!

The bad was £10 from Primark, its probably one of my favourite things I've found in primark. It was definitely a happy day when i got my hands on it!

Thanks again for reading, it means a lot! Hope you've enjoyed this post i definitely had fun doing a style post again! heres to more fashion posts!

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Favourite makeup picks part two

Hi Everyone!

I'm back again with some more favourites from my makeup bag. After being out of the blogging game for a while i'm doing a few experiments with the photography/editing so please be patient whilst i try to figure this out! Anyway enough with the boring one man pity party, lets jump into some more makeup items!

Starting with a few favourite highlighters, I love the Hocus Focus illuminating cream by Soap and Glory. (Click here for product) It's such a lovely highlight and it's perfect for the cheek bones and above the brow. On occassion when I'm feeling daring i do try to put this under the brow but it has a slight runny consistancy and is incredibly difficult to avoid the brow itself which is a bit of a pain but i'll leave under the brow to a brightening concealer that isn't liquified! 

As i mentioned, the Soap and Glory highlighter is liquid so i like to set it with the highlighter in this blush/highlight duo by Pixi. This highlight isn't as natural as the Soap and Glory one but it's perfect for a night out. The blush is also really pretty and natural too which i love as i always seem to have issues when applying blush, i don't know maybe I'm being hard on myself or maybe i'm just incapable. (probably the latter)

Moving onto brows, these two products from Benefit are an absolute godsend. Eye brows are probably my favourite part of my makeup routine because i feel like it pulls everything together (I've got quite thick brows so its always nice to see them neat).  Benefits "speed brow"(Click here for product) is perfect for setting the brow in place. It definitely has a brown tinge to the product but it is such a great product to tame any wild hairs!

Benefits "Browzings"(Click here for product) (mines in medium brown and completely demolished..oops!) comes with an angled brush, a flat brush (i lost mine.. luckily the angled brush was the only one i use!) and some mini tweezers (Which i also find incredibly difficult to use, i am an atrocious excuse for a girl haha!) The left side of the product is a great dark wax and the right side is a brown powder that you put over the wax. I have nothing but good things to say about this product, i use this first then speed brow over it!

Carrying on with eyebrows, I seem to have given you my eyebrow routine backwards because i use this before the Browzings kit haha. This is exactly what it looks like, a mascara wand. Yes, i was in dyer need of a brow brush (Speed brow comes with one but it obviously is full of product) so i decided to wash off an old mascara brush from a mini N07 mascara. Probably one of the best ideas I've had as this completely upped my brow game. (There are brow brushes you can buy but as I've mentioned before.. I'M A MASSIVE CHEAP SKATE! I also feel like me and this mascara wand now have some kind of connection, so its staying).

Last but not least we have some necessity lip products. On the left we have the Blistex "Daily Lip Conditioner" (Click here for product) which is absolutely amazing and the smell reminds me of Vimto.( I could be completely off there but i just always imagine vimto when using it haha!) It's great on the lips and is perfect for these cold winter months, especially in the UK! To the right we have another Blistex holy grail product. "Raspberry Lemonade Blast"(Click here for product) is AMAZING. Honestly, the taste is incredible. I know you're not supposed to eat lip products but i wouldn't mind spending a night in A&E because I've eaten 2000 sticks of Blistex lip balm..and if that isn't an incentive to go try it i don't know what is.

Well, thats it for another post. Thanks everyone for checking out my blog it means a lot. You're all wonderful and i hope you have the best day!

Monday, 9 February 2015

Favourite Makeup picks

Hi Everyone!

Long time no post! After taking a while out of blogging as I've been majorly busy with life adventures, i'm beyond excited to have the time to post again and get back into the fabulous world of blogging!

All my posts have been fashion based so there isn't a better way to start my first post of 2015 then by mixing it up a little and introducing you to the magical world of my makeup bag! I've picked a few basic products that I've been really loving and I've tried to cover my favourite items for all over the face.

Anyway enough of the chit chat, just wanted to say a quick hello and here we go! (goodness, i just cringed at that sentence. I'm keeping it anyway!)

Starting off with eyeshadow i've picked the infamous Naked 3 palette as my eyeshadow staple. (Click here for product)

I absolutely love the shades in this palette however it probably isn't as versatile in terms of the variety of looks you can achieve in comparison to the Naked 1 and the Naked 2 Palette because a lot of the shades are pink based colours.

However if you're like me and are an absolute sucker for pinky toned colours then this honestly is perfect!

There are also a few brown shades too that are a god send for blending but the pretty pink hues really made me love this product and that is why i decided to feature this over the Naked 1 and the Naked 2 palette.

Carrying on with the eyes, we move on to everyones favourite mascara. Of course i had to pick the Benefits "They're Real" mascara. (Click here for product)

This is perfect for a natural lash look that doesn't clump and gives a lot of length to your lashes.

I wouldn't particularly say this product gives a dramatic look however. I've also found the mascara itself drys out quite fast but thats probably because I'm a massive cheap skate that loves to try and make products last as long as humanly possible!

For a more dramatic look, i've picked Urban Decays "Perversion" (Click here for product) and "Subversion" (Click here for product) mascara duo. The subversion product is essentially a typical mascara base that preps your lashes and turns them white before you add the main mascara.

I do find however that the perversion mascara just isn't as impressive without the Subversion prep underneath and this is definitely the best duo to get your lashes looking absolutely beautiful!

Moving on to concealer I am in absolute love with the Benefit "Perk up Artist" concealer trio! the best thing about this is it was only £11 in the sale which just makes my heart happy. ( I've checked and it's no longer on sale which absolutely sucks please don't hate me!)

Essentially it's a three step procedure to the best conceal of your life. You've got a yellow toned corrector, a salmon toned cover and then a pink brightener. It also comes with the most handiest mirror and an applicator brush that i use to apply and spread the product.

I love using the brightener under the eyebrows as it makes for the perfect highlighter. Even though the price has gone back up to £23.50 (click here for product), i wouldn't hesitate to pay full price when this one ends!

For contouring i absolutely love Benefits "Hoola" bronzer (Click here for product) This is one of Benefits most raved about products and it honestly is such a perfect contour colour. It isn't too dark which is perfect considering as i may as well double as casper the friendly ghost, especially throughout the winter time!

The bronzer comes with a brush which i don't tend to use. I contour with a Mac 109 small contour brush to get a more precise and build-able application, but its nice to know i have the option if i ever feel adventurous enough to try the benefit brush!

To save this post getting too long and boring, i'm going to split it into two and show you some more products in my next post! Let me know what some of your favourite products are and if you've tried any of my favourites above!

Thanks for reading guys, it certainly feels good to be back!